ONIGIRI!Kanro has to battle against the evil two head dragon, the Sajinki. She uses the blade specially made to defeat Night demons and makes and strikes his enemy on one of his heads! A fatal attack! However…his enemy keeps moving!? Why..!?


The Imperial Capital’s Twilights

ONIGIRI!Izunome and Hirasaka go out looking for the missing girl Ichiko Fujiyo. Rumor has it that people who go near to a shrine at the end of an alley get cursed by the shrine’s god. What’s the destiny waiting for the mortals who deal with the unkown?



ONIGIRI!In order to pay his father’s debt, Rakutaro becomes the experiment subject of Dr. Yumiko and learns how to live a life as a commoner. But on day, due to his lack of common sense things get more complicated than they should…!



ONIGIRI!There is a place where the most damaged and dirty clothes can be repaired. And it’s because the owner, Shirotsume, has a very special power! One day, he meets a cat. When he touches its collar, he hears someone crying inside his head…


The Guardian Girl & The Unicorn

ONIGIRI!Tatsuomi Azuma transfers to a new school to look for his missing childhood friend Yuto. However, he finds out that nobody remembers his friend! It looks like Yuto never existed there! What is going on in this school?




Nico Niko Chokaigi 2

Last year’s April under the concept of “Reproduce (almost) all Nico Nico Douga’s videos on Earth” this huge event was held in Makurari Messe. The second version of that event is this one, “Nico Nico Chokaigi 2”. On April 27th and 28th about one hundred thousand people came to the event hall in Makuhari Messe, while five million one hundred thousand users watch it online by Nico Nico Douga’s site.


Let’s play with Hatsune Miku! in Greenland

When I heard that the biggest amusement park in Kyushu, “Greenland”, would carry out a tie-up plan with Miku Hatsune called “Let’s play with Hatsune Miku! in Greenland” from March 16th to May 6th, I immediately prepare my bags and left. From Hakata station I made my way to the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture to Omuta City’s station which is the nearest to the amusement park located in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture.